Coconut Beach Villa!

Coconut Beach Villa is a brand new, spacious six bedroom, four bath, two living room vacation rental villa in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Rent just one of our suites or both!  Our central swimming pool is private for the villa.  It is shared if two different parties rent the villa.  We do rent both suites at the same time, so if you rent just one suite, it is very likely that another party will be renting the other.

Coconut Beach Villa Floorplan

Single Suite Configuration

Our North Suite and our South Suite are identical.  Each has 3 bedrooms (two Kings and two twins via a trundle daybed), 2 baths and a living area which has a sleeper sofa.  Each Suite has two full baths and an outside shower.  Six people can sleep comfortably in the three rooms of each suite.  There is room for two more on a living room Queen sleeper sofa for special circumstances.

Entire Villa Configuration

The Entire Villa configuration is simply both of our suites!


  • North Suite - 6 people (left side of our floor plan)
  • South Suite - 6 people (right side of our floor plan)
  • Entire Villa - 12 people