Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please contact us.  You may find your answer below!

Q: Are there toys at the villa?
A: We started out with just a few items.  As guests come and go, many leave a few toys behind.  Some toys get worn out and they are discarded.  So, there are always a few things at the villa, but we don't keep track on a weekly basis of what we have!

Q: If we decide to use the AC, what amount can we expect to pay?
A: Usage depends upon temperature and ambient conditions, of course.  Given an expectation of lowering the humidity and reducing the temperature just a bit, one can expect to spend about $30-$40/night/suite.  This information is taken from a similar villa.  Coconut Beach Villa is too new to have a history of usage.  Most of our guests do not use the AC at all except during the very hot spells which are most likely to occur in August, September or October.

Q: Can we use credit cards on the island?
A: Most of the establishments on the island do accept credit cards.  Since Turks and Caicos Islands is a Territory of the United Kingdom, you should check with your credit card company to determine if fees apply to use the card outside of your home area.

Q: I have heard about the Glow Worms.  When can they be seen?
A: The most amazing mating dance of these invisible worms occurs just once a month, about 3-6 days after a full moon.  The event takes place about 40 minutes after Sunset and it lasts for only 15 minutes.  A brilliant tiny bluegreen luminescence sparkles across the water's surface.  Most companies who offer water activities offer a tour during this time period.